Instructions For Bite Guards

  • Please be sure to wear your appliance as instructed by our office. Doing so will  ensure that you receive the best possible results from treatment.
  • Please place your appliance in the provided case any time it is not being worn. Placing your appliance in or on a napkin increases the likelihood of your appliance being accidentally thrown away!
  • Please clean your appliance both morning and night to remove dental plaque. You can clean the appliance with a toothbrush and toothpaste.Do not use very hot water on your aligners.
  • Do not chew gum with your appliance in and we recommend not smoking while wearing aligners. The smoke can stain the aligners as well as your teeth. 
  • If you have pets, please do not place your appliance anywhere that your pet can reach them. Pets have been known to LOVE to chew on oral appliances!
  • Please be sure to bring your bite guard appliance to every appointment so that we can check it for fit and for wear and tear.
  • Call our office to let us know which tray was lost so that we can determine if a replacement tray is needed. There may be a fee if a  replacement  appliance is needed.